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Q. Will this product work with my existing saltwater system?
A. Absolutely. It will work perfectly in conjunction with it.

Q. Does the unit have to be removed from the pool before people go swimming?
A. The AK600 can either float in the pool while swimming, or it can be taken out. Either way is fine.

Q. Will this work in my Koi Pond?
A. Unfortunately, No. Even though it will prevent algae growth in ponds, Koi is one of the few fish that are extremely sensitive to copper.

Q. How big of a pool does this work for?
A. The AK600 is rated for 50,000 gallons. If you're not sure about the size of your pool, contact us with the length and width of your pool, along with the depth at the entry point and also at the deepest end, and we will give you the approximate gallons of your pool.

Q. How long to the copper anode last before needing replacement?
A. On average, they last approximately one year, depending on weather and water conditions. You can purchase refills for $39.99.

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